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Savixx becomes the first trading company to acquire the eureciclo Seal in Brazil

In an increasingly populous world, where consumption is the focal point of human experience, talking about environmental compensation practices is extremely important. The eureciclo seal...

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Brazilian Agribusiness Foreign Trade Report

source: cna   In June 2023, Brazilian agribusiness exports reached US$ 15.3 billion. Among the main products, raw cane sugar showed the highest growth rate...

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Everything you need to know about tax mistakes: How to avoid tax problems in Brazil

Foreign trade has become an attraction for Brazilian businessmen who wish to import raw materials or even sell their goods abroad. Despite the opportunity, there...

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Agribusiness Foreign Trade Bulletin

fonte: CNA Brasil   In May 2023, Brazilian agribusiness exports reached US$ 16.6 billion. Among the main products, soybeans in grain showed the highest growth...

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STUDY: Brazilian government launches unprecedented ‘X-ray’ to expand Brazilian export base

source: Paraná Cooperativo   Since this Monday (260/6) the public can already have access to an unprecedented study carried out by the Foreign Trade Secretariat...

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5 tips to import machines in a less bureaucratic and cheaper way for your business

Importing products to be able produce in Brazil is one of the strategies that many companies are betting on to make local manufacturing cheaper and...

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Lengthy operations at brazilian customs facilities: causes and solutions

Updated: Apr 20, 2023 The Brazilian tax system is one of the most complex in the world. When we talk about international trade, several bureaucracies need...

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A little push from the brazilian government for solar energy

source: o antagonista   MCTI Ordinance eliminates taxes for equipment used in the production of generators; two weeks ago, the government extended credit to the...

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