When the environment is conducive, good work thrives.

Today, one of the paramount considerations pertains to moral and ethical standards. It merits our full attention to ensure widespread awareness of this Code of Conduct within our company. After all, it will actively shape our lives and serve as a cornerstone of our corporate culture.

Code of Conduct - Savixx

Dun & Bradstreet Financial Certification (2023)

Reliability and solidity.

The Dun & Bradstreet Financial Certification is a recognition that attests to the reliability and solidity of a company, obtained through a rigorous evaluation process carried out in accordance with the highest international standards. Certification involves a detailed analysis of the company’s financial, commercial and credit aspects, considering criteria such as payment history, financial health, risk management and legal compliance.

ESG Report

Governance structure

Reputation based on trust and professionalism.

Governance plays a crucial role in our international trade business at Savixx, ensuring that our
operations are conducted in an ethical, transparent, and compliant manner with applicable laws
and regulations. Therefore, Savixx has a Board responsible for managing all other governance-related bodies within our organization.