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With over 35 years of experience and a presence in 6 states, SAVIXX has positioned itself in the market as a trading company dedicated to finding the finest solutions in Foreign Trade, serving as a benchmark in the country for structuring importation, exportation, and distribution processes.

We invest in fostering a transparent relationship with all participants in the service chain, consistently operating in accordance with the regulations governing Foreign Trade in Brazil and worldwide. We are committed to supporting our partners and their businesses by providing people, knowledge, and infrastructure to achieve their objectives, optimize costs, and meet deadlines.

With the same degree of seriousness and commitment that we apply to your business, we also prioritize the protection and security of the personal data of all users who seek our services, customers, and employees. All data received is handled with care by our entire team. We maintain transparency in all our interactions, ensuring that your data is utilized to enhance the provision of our services or to fulfill our legal obligations.

Therefore, through this Privacy Policy, in conjunction with the Website’s Terms of Use, we affirm our dedication to security, confidentiality, and transparency in the treatment and utilization of the personal data collected, whether you are an employee, visitor, customer, or business partner.

This includes the handling of personal data collected through the website, encompassing various scenarios such as visiting our website, engaging our services, or sharing personal data with other processing entities.

Before proceeding with navigation, registration, or accessing any features of our site, we kindly urge you to thoroughly review all the terms outlined in this document. Should you choose to continue with navigation or complete the registration process, you acknowledge your agreement with this Policy.

Should you have any queries or concerns regarding our Policy, we encourage you to reach out to us through the contact details provided in item 10 before continuing with navigation or engagement.


The General Data Protection Law (“LGPD”) (Law No. 13,709/2018) came into force in September 2020 and aims to protect the personal data of a natural person located in Brazil, also known as a data subject.

In summary, the LGPD applies when:

the data processing operation is carried out in Brazil;
the data processing activity aims to offer or provide services to individuals located in Brazil;
the personal data has been collected in Brazil.

In addition to these initial explanations, to ensure a clear understanding of this document, below are some important definitions:

  • Personal Data: Any information that identifies or makes identifiable a natural person.
  • Sensitive personal data: Any information that, by its nature, concerns information that deserves greater care, mainly to protect against discrimination, such as data on racial or ethnic origin, religious conviction, political opinion, among others, depending on applicable legislation.
  • Data subject: It is you, the natural person to whom the personal data refers, which may be a customer, collaborator or user of our website.
  • Data processing: This refers to all activities that SAVIXX carries out in relation to personal data, including, but not limited to, the following activities: collection, storage, consultation, use, sharing, classification, reproduction, processing and evaluation of this data.
    Natural or legal person who is responsible for deciding on the processing of personal data in their possession.
    Natural or legal person who processes personal data on behalf of and in accordance with the instructions of the controller.
  • Controller: Natural or legal person who is responsible for deciding on the processing of personal data in their possession.
  • Operator: Natural or legal person who processes personal data on behalf of and in accordance with the instructions of the controller.
  • DPO (Data Protection Officer) or EPD (Data Protection Officer): This is the person we nominate to act as a communication channel between us, the data holders, which is you, and the National Data Protection Authority (ANPD).
  • Legal bases: These are the legal hypotheses that authorize SAVIXX to process personal data: it may be your consent, compliance with a legal obligation, execution of a contract, among others.
  • ANPD: It is the National Data Protection Authority, a body of direct federal public administration in Brazil that has responsibilities related to the protection of personal data and privacy and, above all, that must monitor compliance with the LGPD.


To better understand how data processing will occur, we clarify that SAVIXX will be the controller of personal data in the following situations:

  • when necessary to formalize the hiring of our services;
  • when entered through the website;
  • in the context of our partnerships;
  • in prospecting new clients;
  • in the management of our selection processes;
  • in the relationship with our employees.

In the above cases, it will be our responsibility to appropriately select the legal bases consistent with the purposes set forth in this Policy, make decisions regarding the nature and storage time of the data, as well as directly address requests from data subjects regarding the rights provided for in the current data protection legislation.


We may collect different sets of data depending on how we relate, as mentioned in item 2.

To better clarify, below we demonstrate the types of personal data that may be processed in different contexts, such as using our website, hiring our services, participating in our selection processes, and hiring employees:

  • Registration and contact data – website: Full name, email and telephone mobile/business.
  • Device identification, geolocation and configuration data: Identifiers of your electronic devices, such as your computer’s IP (Internet Protocol) address or your cell phone’s MAC address, as well as model, manufacturer, operating system, telephone operator, browser type, connection speed, service provider internet site, website from which the user arrived at our website
  • Registration data – Customers: Full name, profession, email, cell/work phone number, address, ID and Social security number.
  • Browsing data: Data collected through cookies, pages visited on our website, information you search for, duration of your visit, date and time of access to our website, geographic location, browser type, duration of visit and pages visited.

We emphasize that when you fill out any of our forms to contact us about our services, it is essential that you, or the authorized person, provide your personal data and only enter true and updated information, under penalty of being responsible, in any case, civil and/or criminal, for the truthfulness, accuracy, and authenticity of the information included in our database.

To learn more about our collection through Cookies and similar tools on our website, please access our Website Terms of Use.


SAVIXX understands the importance of your personal data and is committed to the privacy and security of the data collected in accordance with the LGPD.

Thus, it only collects the personal data necessary for the following listed purposes:

  • Contact;
  • Marketing;
  • HR Processes;
  • Support;
  • Access Registration;
  • Legal purposes;
  • ANPD Request.

We may also use your data in connection with our services to fulfill obligations ancillary to what we have already committed to you, including through the Terms of Use of the website.

Furthermore, if you have any questions about the context of our processing or if, for any reason, you do not agree with the purposes outlined above, please contact us.


In certain situations, SAVIXX may share your personal data to enable the development of our business activities or to comply with directives from government authorities, as listed below:

Business partners: We may share your personal data with partner companies in order to enable and improve the use of our website, such as:

  • hosting company;
  • company specializing in statistical analysis of user experience.

Suppliers: We may share your data with suppliers who help us carry out our business activity as a whole, which may involve responsible partner companies:

  • for administrative/customs activities as brokers; by structuring database and email management tools;
  • through internal and user service flows;
  • for our recruitment and selection;
  • for advertising and marketing our brand.


  • ANPD;
  • IRS;
  • Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services – MDIC

In the situations mentioned above, we assume responsibilities and warranties for the quality of contracting our suppliers and partners, always prioritizing those who maintain their businesses in compliance with data protection laws and similar security standards, through the signing of agreements or conventions with specific clauses for this purpose. Additionally, when necessary, we also ensure to provide clear and lawful instructions for the processing of shared data.

Please note that whenever you access any external link through our website or platform, it is your responsibility to be aware of how your data is treated there. Therefore, you should review the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use of this third party, as SAVIXX is not responsible for the data processing carried out by such pages.


In potential situations involving international transfer, we reaffirm our full commitment to contracting only suppliers who adopt security measures and best practices compatible with the level of protection established by Brazilian legislation, as regulated by the ANPD (National Data Protection Authority).

Therefore, in the absence of regulation, SAVIXX ensures that it will only carry out international transfers in accordance with art. 33, IX, of the LGPD, and only with companies adhering to other data protection standards, such as the European GDPR, American CCPA and CDPA, and the Australian Privacy Act.


SAVIXX is committed to data protection legislation and the rights that data subjects can exercise over their data. Therefore, it is our priority to explain what your rights are and maintain an accessible communication channel so that you can exercise them.

According to the Brazilian General Data Protection Law, the data subject has the following rights regarding the processing of their personal data:

  • Confirmation and access to data
  • You can ask SAVIXX to confirm whether your data is being processed so that, if so, you can access it and check details about the processing, as well as request copies of this information.
  • Data rectification
  • Data Portability
  • Anonymization, blocking or deletion

Be advised that whenever you submit any requests or demands to exercise the rights mentioned above, we may request some additional data and documents to confirm the authenticity of your identity, as we are concerned about your safety. Our aim is to prevent fraud and ensure the security and privacy of all our clients, employees, and partners. Please note that your rights are not absolute, and there may be situations where SAVIXX has legitimate reasons to refrain from fulfilling a specific request, such as:

  • Cases where the disclosure of specific information violates our intellectual property rights or the trade secrets of ourselves or third parties;
  • Cases where there is a breach of the privacy of third parties;
  • Cases where there are limitations on sharing aggregated or varied data;
  • Cases where it is not possible to comply with requests for data deletion due to the obligation to retain such data, whether to fulfill legal or regulatory obligations or to enable our (or third parties’) regular exercise of rights in judicial, administrative, or arbitral proceedings.

To exercise the rights provided for in the LGPD and listed here, simply send us a message, as described in item 10.


To protect the personal data collected, we use appropriate technologies and procedures according to the level of risk and the service provided, with a team responsible for managing them in accordance with legal provisions, regulatory requirements, technological changes, among other relevant factors that may influence data protection.

We have listed below the technical and administrative security measures we apply in our organization to ensure the security of information and personal data in our systems:

Security Measures
→ Firewall
→ Antivirus
→ Control and restriction of access to data
→ Contractual clauses requiring all our employees, suppliers, and partners to comply with LGPD guidelines

Due to the nature of the Internet, there is a risk that malicious third parties may improperly access the information stored in our systems. Therefore, if this occurs, rest assured that SAVIXX will be responsible within the limits provided by applicable law.

While we use robust methods and tools to protect your data, the complete security of our environments and systems is not solely dependent on our internal processes and procedures.

However, you can help us maintain the security of our environment by adopting best practices regarding your data (such as not sharing passwords with third parties), including understanding that it is prohibited to use any device, software, or other resource that may interfere with SAVIXX’s activities and operations, both through the website and application as well as through other systems or databases.

If you identify or become aware of any situation that may compromise the security of your data, please contact our data protection and privacy team directly through the contact channels indicated in this Policy.

Finally, please note that if we identify and prove any intrusion, attempt, or activity that violates or contravenes intellectual property laws, among others, and/or the provisions stipulated in this Policy, we will spare no effort to ensure that the responsible party is held accountable in accordance with applicable law, and must therefore bear the indemnification for any damages caused.


We have a policy on the retention of personal data in accordance with applicable law, aiming to conduct specific technical analysis to determine the appropriate retention period for each type of dataset collected.

Therefore, your data will only be stored for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes for which they were collected (see item 4), except for those for which we have justification for retention, such as for compliance with legal or regulatory obligations, among other hypotheses provided by law.

To clarify further, we follow the respective parameters to determine the retention and storage period of your personal data:

Retention Periods for Data

  • Period necessary to fulfill the purpose of the collection;
  • Moment when the user ceases to use the website;
  • Until the revocation of consent or request for deletion of data by the data subject, only if and when the legal basis for data processing is consent;
  • Period necessary for proving compliance with specific legal or regulatory duties;
  • Legal or regulatory deadlines, decisions of judicial authorities, or determinations by competent authorities;
  • Deadlines for compliance with legal or regulatory obligations by SAVIXX;
  • Period during which the contract execution persists;
  • Period necessary for the regular exercise of rights in judicial, administrative, and arbitration proceedings;
  • Exclusive use by SAVIXX prohibited for third-party access, provided that it concerns anonymized data.


SAVIXX has a team of professionals dedicated to data protection and privacy.

To ensure alignment with LGPD and best practices in the market, we have appointed a Data Protection Officer (DPO) to handle direct and personalized communication with users of our website and clients of our corporation.

If you have any specific questions that have not been clarified by our Privacy Policy or the Terms of Use of the website, you can contact our DPO via email:


A SAVIXX busca constantes atualizações e aprimoramentos, assim a Política de Privacidade poderá ser atualizada a qualquer tempo sempre visando uma melhor prestação e proteção aos usuários.Sugerimos que você consulte o documento regularmente para verificar se continua concordando com seus termos antes de seguir com a navegação ou com o preenchimento de algum recurso do nosso site. Façam a leitura periódica desta política de privacidade, assim se manterão atualizados quanto ao seu conteúdo.


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