Savixx becomes the first trading company to acquire the eureciclo Seal in Brazil

In an increasingly populous world, where consumption is the focal point of human experience, talking about environmental compensation practices is extremely important. The eureciclo seal appears to guarantee that Brazilian companies follow current environmental legislation and that their customers know what they are doing for the environment.


In the trading companies segment, Savixx was a pioneer in achieving this merit and received the seal for its sustainable packaging recycling actions. The company invests so that at least 22% of all material used is restored – an amount stipulated by the National Solid Waste Policy in Brazil.


Trading companies are companies that operate in international trade, ensuring that the import and export process is done in the most agile and less bureaucratic way. As it is a segment that works directly with logistics, many packages are involved throughout the process, which is why Savixx works to ensure that they are better used and that the process is as little harmful as possible to nature.


What is the eureciclo stamp?


eureciclo (from the brazilian portuguese “I recycle”) is an ESG reference focused on releasing recycling credits and reverse logistics, seeking to certify that companies use sustainable packaging.


The eureciclo seal is recognition via certification that a company is within expectations and fulfilling its obligations in relation to reverse logistics. eureciclo also bridges the gap between consumer goods brands and recyclers.


Innovation and sustainability


To become the first Brazilian trading company to acquire the eureciclo seal, Savixx joined forces with the institution to generate positive impacts for workers in the sector, through the recycling of materials and awareness of both its customers and the professionals involved.


This is not the only certification the company has. They also received a Zero Carbon seal, which guarantees the commitment to neutralize the emission of gases responsible for global warming.


“We know that there is a lot of work ahead of us, but we are committed to thinking about the world and the future we want to preserve”, says Guilherme Picard, CEO of the company.


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