Importation on Behalf of Third Parties

Efficient import operations, facilitating your global transactions.

Custom Import Services

Flexibility and Adaptability

We cater to your unique requirements, tailoring the process to meet your demands seamlessly.

Specialized Consulting

Our experienced team provides support and guidance at every stage of the importation process.

Security and Compliance with N RFB 1,861/2018

Strict Compliance with Legislation

We guarantee full compliance with RFB Normative Instruction No. 1,861/2018.

Peace of Mind and Security

Rest assured that your importation is in good hands.

Efficient Management of the Entire Operation

  • Secure Ownership Transfer: We handle the transfer of ownership of the merchandise, issuing a transfer invoice.
  • Issuance of Invoices: For billing of importation services rendered, with the correct CFOP (6923).

Significant Cost Reduction

Negotiation of Favorable Freight Rates

We get better shipping rates due to our high volume of imports.

Optimized Warehousing

We're able to reduce costs by minimizing rental fees for customs warehouse space.

Simplified Process Management

  1. Intuitive Online Platform:
    Track the import progress in real time, with access to detailed information.
  2. Task Automation:
    Cost reduction through digital tools that streamline workflow.

Experiência e Expertise Reconhecida

Since 1984

Ensuring a safe and efficient process.

Highly Qualified Team

Experienced Professionals Overseeing Every Stage of Importation.

Expand the Offer

Explore new products and market opportunities.

Reduce Costs

Minimize expenses and optimize spending on imports.

Simplify Operation

Automate processes and make importing more efficient.

Import Securely

Know that you can trust Savixx's expertise to import safely and reliably.