Direct or custom export

Export management from start to finish

How we operate

In both our proprietary exports and bespoke orders, Savixx orchestrates and finances the entire procurement process for products sourced internationally. From import management and customs clearance to global and domestic logistics, we ensure seamless delivery to the customer, all under their own name.

Export operations

Direct Exportation

You set the prices, deadlines, and payment terms, overseeing the entire export value chain. Savixx Trading provides you with the necessary support to maintain full control of your operation.

Exportation On Demand

Ideal for emerging companies or companies with modest export volumes.
Swiftly and efficiently fulfill singular orders without the need for substantial investments. Savixx Trading delivers adaptable solutions to cater to your unique export requirements.

By exporting with us, you'll gain access to:


Precise tracking of your cargo’s transit time, allowing you to plan your operations more efficiently.


Commercial Presence Abroad:

Savixx Trading can assist you in establishing a commercial presence abroad, expanding your reach in the international market.

Customer prospecting
Commercial negotiation
Document preparation
International logistics
Customs clearance
Process management

Recognized Experience and Expertise

Since 1984

Ensuring a safe and efficient process.

Highly Qualified Team

Experienced Professionals Overseeing Every Stage of Importation.

Expand the Offer

Explore new products and market opportunities.

Reduce Costs

Minimize expenses and optimize export spending.

Simplify Operation

Automate processes and make exporting more efficient.

Import Securely

Know that you can trust Savixx's expertise to import safely and reliably.

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