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International business, limitless solutions.

We simplify foreign trade with efficient solutions to maximize your results.

Mini-Trading for

greater efficiency

Savixx uses the concept of mini-tradings to serve its customers. Dedicated teams, able to drive the whole processes from the beginning to the end with full autonomy.

Highly qualified


One of our greatest differentials is that our main executives work effectively in the operations, searching to know each and every company deeply and following its processes and features closely. We always look for the best solutions, with prompt responses.

Wide client


Our customer portfolio has different size companies in several segments such as chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas, telecoms, electro/ electronics, technology, food Industry, cosmetics, consumer goods and aeronautics, among others.

We are ready to embrace your challenge!

Talk to us, let Savixx’s tradition and innovation handle your international transactions.

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Where are we


Each client is unique and each process has got its peculiarities. Our crew identifies the clients specific needs, procedures to be optimized and potential costs to be reduced.

The result is a whole operation redesign, making possible to bring concrete benefits such as cost reduction and cash flow improvement.
In the State of Espírito Santo, Savixx participates in the FUNDAP financial incentive, besides the TTD’s tax incentive in Santa Catarina and the PRODEPE programs, as well as Atividades Portuárias I and II in Pernambuco.


A trading company with a dedicated staff, specialized in meeting and understanding each and every need in a unique and personalized way. Logistical, operational and financial processes, treated with an innovative mind, however with our tradition and solidity as a warranty. Always.


Own or on demand Export 

Aiming to provide access to the international market for Brazilian companies that do not have  their own capable structure, Savixx provides its own export services on demand.

We handle all the bureaucratic, logistical and financial aspects that ensure the perfect execution and guarantee our clients’ products delivery to their markets abroad.


Import on behalf and
order of third parties

Savixx offers import service by order and account, acting as a hired importer through a formal bond with their clients and with Siscomex.


We handle all the import logistics, operational and financial management, without interfering in the business relationship among our clients and their suppliers abroad.​

The whole operation is carried with professionalism, transparency and in accordance with the Brazilian laws and  the International Trade rules, ensuring simpler processes and bringing concrete benefits to our clients needs.


Import on demand

Savixx also performs import on demand operations. We establish relationship with suppliers abroad, conducting business negotiations and giving logistical support to the operations. All of that according to our technical and financial capacity. Our goal is to offer the clients foreign products with improved qualitative and quantitative efficiency regarding their import processes and simplified management with minimal risks.

Social responsability
Who we are


Who we


Stablished in 1984 in the State of Espírito Santo and nowadays also present in the States of Santa Catarina, Paraná, São Paulo, Mato Grosso do Sul and Pernambuco, Savixx Comérco Internacional is a trading company dedicated to the search of the best solutions in Foreign Trade. We are a reference in Brazil within the field of outsouce of third parties importation, export and distribution process structuring.

Our team is prepared to understand and meet our clients’ needs. We are well aware that the solution for each one of them is unique and should be always customized.

Our commitment is to help our partners in having a better performance in their business, providing people, expertise and structure so that their goals are achieved, their costs are optimized and their deadlines fulfilled.

We invest in building a transparent relationship with all the participants of our service chain, always acting in behalf of the policies that meet the regulations of International Trade in Brazil and abroad.

Savixx practices personalized services and maintain an agile and dynamic structure. The company makes a point on offering competitive costs and counting on a highly qualified team.


Savixx is a brand deeply acquainted with the market proceedings and takes compliance as one non-negotiable value.​

A solid brand, with tradition that acts since 1984 and yet understands the complexities of the current world, with an innovation culture in all its proceedings and a constant search for technological updating.

Our identity a family legacy on its third generation and counts on 86 years of performance in International Trade having a deep understanding of its operations, with ballast and authority in the subject which accredits us as a category reference. We invest on technology as a tool, tailormade operation as a differential, tradition, solidity as a guarantee and social responsibility.



Savixx has got social responsibility in its DNA. Among several initiatives carried out, we also support Creche Alegria, an initiative by Casa de Oração São Francisco de Assis, located in Guarapari in Espirito Santo.​

Aiming to provide local families with life quality support, the project goal offers poor mothers who work out of home a safe and pleasant place to leave their children followed-up by qualified and capacitated full time professionals, allowing parents to work providing the earning of an income for their families.


We believe the company is built and maintained day after day by our professionals who help us in making history and in keeping the philosophy and culture of the organization based on their personal and professional values.

Savixx crew is made up of experts in Taxation, Logistics and International Trade who have plenty of years of experience within this market. People who work on behalf of growing, care for the quality of the services they perform and, above all, cheer for our client’s achievements.

We have the most qualified team to understand and meet our client’s demands and we have the solution for their needs.

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